About Mini Hotel

Mini Hotel is a PMS (Property Management System) specially designed and developed for the small hotels and hostels market. Over 400 hotels, hostels, apartment hotels and other properties in more than 20 countries worldwide rely on Mini Hotel PMS to manage their property inventory. We connect them to the world via their channel partners and online travel agents or OTA’s
We are working with:

  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Hotel chains
  • Boutique hotels
  • Apartment hotels
  • Other tourism industry accommodation provider


Mini Hotel is designed for the small hotels and hostels markets. That said, our attention to detail and functionality means that Mini Hotel comfortably meets the property management needs of any hotel or hostel.


Having a large customer base in Argentina, Brazil and Israel (where the majority of small hotels, hostels and boutique hotels use Mini Hotel as their PMS), together with a growing number of customers in more countries around the globe, we have the experience and industry knowledge that any hotel or hostel may require from their PMS provider.


Keep on reading about Mini Hotel features on our Features Page

Excelence In Support:

We are known for our customer-centric, 24/7 support (via Skype, Telephone and email).
We strive to provide the best service and training to our customers.

 For client testimonials  read here or take a look here at our customers portfolio page

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