About Us

Mini-Hotel is a property management system and a Channel manager provider for small and medium size hotels, hostels, B&B’s, vacation rentals and resorts. Our experienced team have been designing PMS software for over 35 years!!

The company was founded in 2007 as a small family business aiming to provide the hosting owners with one easy and simple tool with which they could manage all their property activity: from reservations, through accounting, to marketing.

As the family attitude is written in our company’s genes, we strive to offer our customers a like attitude through our personal and attentive service.

The implementation and training process includes a close accompaniment by one of our account managers. We offer an unlimited training period that runs until that point the client feels at ease with the new program and can confidently operate it by himself.
The support team works 24\7 to help, advise and solve problems.

Our goal at present is to further excel the managing tool and to provide our clients with ever simpler means that will significantly improve their business life.

Mini-Hotel is active in several countries including: Argentine, Brazil, USA, Spain, Israel, Panama, Nigeria and more.