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Choose your relevant ota’s from our partners list. As much as you increase your channels your reservations and revenue will grow higher. All you have to do is to set up the first sign up, and from the moment you published we will take control. From then on you will update all your data only in one board, all your channels will be automatically update.
increase your direct bookings with no commission.
you can manage prices, promotions, special codes, restrictions and arrangements.
Publish yourself in one of the biggest GDS in the world:
Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan, Travelport, Abacus.
By connecting our interface you can publish yourself within more than 500,000
tourism agents. They will all have the option to send you online reservations directly to your Mini-Hotel system, and the best thing- you don’t have to make a separate contract with each one of them.
Relevant only in specific countries (ask one of our team).
Connect to the local agents, give them the option to see your property on their system, and they will be able to send you online reservation directly to your Mini-Hotel system.
By connecting ota’s through our Channel manager, you increase your chances of being exposed to more potential customers.
The online travel agencies are preferring automated systems like ours, to create easier way to communicate. Also because we work with the “free sale method” which allow to open more rooms to sell. All together means better rating and exposure.

Improve your management

Availability and Prices synchronization (without tabs)
Save your resources, Remove manual management for your channels and use your own PMS to update rates, availability and restrictions (min nights, close to arrival\dep and more)
update all in just one place. Your tape chart is online and synchronized always by itself.
The automated pricing tool
Build your strategy once, and let it do the job for you.
Prices will change automatically according to your strategy in all of your channels.
Your strategy can depend on occupancy percentage
Have all your rooms online at once to increase revenue
No allotments, all of your rooms are open to all,
the first one wins, and everyone else knows immediately.
When receiving a new reservation, you will be notified, and you will see it immediately in your Mini-Hotel system. The reservation will be shown with all its details- Names, dates, number of people in each room, prices and special offers, arrangements and more. Also personal details including email address, credit card number (in case its obligatory field), country, contact details and more. In case your guest had something to say during the process you will see it directly at the notes part.

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