Chat Bot

More productivity and intelligence for the hotel. Serve customers, optimize the reservation center and increase sales, using Asksuite.

More than just a chat bot

Available in the main service channels: web (mobile and desktop), WhatsApp and social networks such as Facebook.

The intelligent robot understands free questions, slang and expressions. If you don’t want to write, you can navigate by pressing the options.

In addition, it is available in 3 languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Features that go much further

Booking engines integrated into the chat

In conversation, the chatbot will show real-time quotes to customers. The robot will direct you to the homepage booking engine when you wish to make a reservation, using the integration between Asksuite and Mini Hotel.

Suggestions for upcoming dates

No room available for the period the guest chose?  No worries. Using Mini Hotel’s integration, The Asksuite robot gives suggestions of upcoming dates automatically, in case the hotel is full in the chosen period.

Human intervention

Your employees want to sell more?
The administrative panel allows you to follow the messages of all the service channels on a single screen. You can take control of the conversation at any time, close sales, and waste no time with operational support.

Artificial intelligence

With the powerful logic that the system has, it enables a natural, fast and personified interaction. Transforming conversations into direct reservations with tailor-made clients.

“The guest experience begins before the stay”

Serving well and quickly becomes more sales.

For more details you may refer to the Asksuite website.