Accounting and Invoicing

Now you can manage the accounting area with various Mini Hotel tools: Guest account, City Ledger, Shift and Cash flow reports, Bank Deposit module and more.

Mini Hotel is complied in various countries by the local tax obligations. Contact us for more details regarding complation in your country.

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Flexible Modules

Mini Hotel has a unique and powerful customization, allowing it to adjust any country and any need in terms of tax and printing.

For example: You can determine your country’s VAT easily, or set a differential Tax – in case you have different tax per each department.

You can set also city tax or any other custom tax, and you can make them work together in the same guest folio.

You can also change the tax name: for example VAT, IVA or other names, depending on your country.

We have E-invoice ready in 3 countries: France, Croatia and Argentina (We join more countries regularly).

List of Advantages: 

Reports and Statistics

The billing module together with the graphic reporting module, will be two extremely useful tools to carry out a correct administration of the property.

Invoice Options

Mini Hotel supports an invoice-receipt mode as well as separated invoice and receipt mode.

Mini Hotel supports City Ledger and Agent invoicing, pre-payments, commission automation, and more.

Printing Options

Support for A4 and A5 for Invoice and Receipt.

Support for 80mm POS Printer for Invoice and Receipt, both for reception and POS.

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