Homepage Booking Engine

Direct sales via your homepage with the commission-free Mini Hotel Booking Engine. While guests save money, you share less of your earnings with the OTAs.

“We did not know the potential generated by direct bookings on our website. Now our clients book again through our own site at a good price and we reduce commissions!”

Cesar Rivera – Rent A Flat

All In-Sync

When a new reservation is made via your homepage, it is instantly synchronized with the system and channel manager, and new availability information is sent to the OTAs.


Aside from our own booking engine, we have several hotel booking engine brands connected to our channel manager, so you can use the one that best suits your needs.


Homepage Engine

Mini Hotel engine, with a  responsive design, easy integration and usability. It has multi-language, discount coupons, upsells page, and payment gateways.


External engines Wubook and SiteMinder, both have a multi-functional design, Integration of payment gateways and a responsive design. Both work massively worldwide.


Simplex external engine, has an elegant interface and advanced UX design, and extensive number of functions to be integrated. Simplex has a high reputationnd and a vast clientele.

Upsells and Products

Using our booking engine you can activate an Upsells and Products page, and sell various products and services, added to the accommodation.

Examples:  Tour Bus, Taxi, Towels, Door Key, Breakfast, Wine, Olive Oil etc.

Item menu is fully customized and editable. The Items are fetched into the system and auto-charged to the guest account.

There are 2 options per each item:  Fixed price, Per-night and/or Per-person price.

The Hipstel uses Upsells and Products

Beit Shalom uses Upsells and Products

Secure Online Payments

The guest can pay with MercadoPago, Pelecard, Credit Cards, Debit Cards or Bank Transfer.
We have SSL 256 bit technology, encrypting user data securely.
You choose which methods of payment will be enabled in your booking engine.

Booking Engine for Hotels

You choose and integrate your homepage with the version that best suits your hotel, with the assurance that it will not have overbookings.
Solid, reliable and secure booking engine for your guests.

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