The cleaning staff will be able to organize and inform the entire process of their work for a better organization.


Our Housekeeping report is modular, both in data and permissions.

Apart from viewing the room status (Clean, Dirty etc), you can create custom statuses, for example: Refresh.

You can asign each room a specific housekeeper, and make your report per housekeeper or per all rooms.

Automatic Modules

You may determine if each room should be automatically turned dirty or clean, upon check in or check out. You can also schedule a specific time of the day, in which all rooms can become clean or dirty.

Simple and Intuitive

From a mobile device, the application will inform the staff of the current status of the room. 

Your staff can change the room status using the app. The rooms status will reflect on all platforms, and will also be shown in the housekeeping report.

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