Smart Pricing System

Increase revenue with our Yield Manager. The system will know at what price to offer rooms for sale, according to demand. This will optimize the financial performance and occupancy of the hotel.

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Automated Rates

Our Yield Manager will apply the best price according to the occupancy of your property.

How does it work?

The hotelier defines the rules in the system. That is, how much the rate will vary according to supply / demand.

Examples: when the occupancy exceeds 75%, the rate will automatically increase by 20% ; when the occupancy gets below 25%, the rate will automatically decrease by 10%.

Define the rules

Automatic rates

Real-Time Distribution

You can set the calculated rates to be auto published online and sent to the OTAs and your Homepage, or you can decide to just save them for later, and send them manually, by demand.

You can set the Yield to auto run and publish rates online several times a day. You can also set release time and set active dates for the yield rules.

Updated on the OTAs

Updated on your Homepage

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